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Army VS Zombies APK

ARMY VS ZOMBIE game takes us back to the Second World War, however, on the idea of developers, Hitler found a way to turn his soldiers into zombies that do not feel pain, do not require food and ready to fight at least in isolation, but in addition to this they are very hard to kill . This turn of historical events, of course turned all future events. After creating an immortal army, Hitler was able to conquer the world and put mankind on the brink of extinction.
And when hope seems to be no more war and was not strong enough, there was a character with an iron hand, to challenge the zombies and Hitler himself. This brave guy was able to gather the best soldiers and went to the destruction of the walking dead. He now has to go around the world, cutting and burning every zombies to clear the land and save mankind. Look forward to more than 70 levels, different locations and six major bosses! Will you succeed with this task, and whether to save the Earth?

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