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Brotherhood of Violence (APK) (SD DATA)

Download Brotherhood of Violence APK - SD DATA
All lovers of street fighting games are loud shout of delight, as the game went Brotherhood of Violence! This is really the first game of this genre that deserves special attention, and developers - respect. On a plot of the game you are a former assassin, part of an elite fraternity. After years of work on the Big Boss you have decided to get out of this structure. However, there is no ex-murderers, and of brotherhood can only go to the cemetery. You managed to escape from his pursuers and even start a quiet life, but Big Boss found another way to pay you. Leverage was your brother, who was a prisoner, and to save him, will have to remember all your skills and abilities to cope with hundreds of fighters fraternity. You will have more than 30 different locations and meet with 400 unique fighters, which will have to find its own approach.