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Crash Dummy APK-SD DATA

Crash Dummy apk-sddata download

Crash Dummy after his success on the PC and consoles, and moved to Android, and it is for many will be the good news. In the middle of the action will be a dummy, who all his life has helped people in the testing devices and machines, taking the blows. Hundreds and even thousands of accidents tempered character dummy, people called Sid, from which he began to dream of something more, for example, the heroic adventures. And, oddly enough, he had the opportunity. Following the kidnapping of a professor in charge of all tests, about Sid forgotten, and he, taking advantage of the moment, is sent to rescue the professor, who, incidentally, was not kidnapped good genius. So begins a difficult and dangerous adventure of Sid, in which he will have to destroy all the enemies and solve the mysteries of the car, trapping him on the road to salvation professor.

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