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Colosseum Heroes 1.0 [apk]

Choose one of the two gladiators (warrior or a vampire) and equip it for the full program. As soon as the gates of the Coliseum will open you will not have time to think about their actions will have to hack the monsters appearing from all sides in order to survive. You will have up to 4 weapons (slashing and throwing), and armor bonuses. The graphics in the game at a decent level, despite the fact that she painted impressions are formed only positive. Each level will present some nasty surprises in the form of new monsters.
Control of the game is simple, but somewhat inconvenient, particularly the buttons are too close as a result of this sometimes happen accidentally pressed. At the bottom are four buttons with arrows and weapons movement control of the hero. Note that each weapon has a different cooldown. At the top of the screen is a button "Backpack" and "Menu", as well as the amount of your lives in the form of four hearts. In the right corner displays the number of collected money. To pass the level you need to not just reach the end of the level, but also to find the key that opens the door, though, even after you find a key you can continue to kill monsters and earn extra money.
After each level you can spend the collected money, acquiring the new weapons, upgrade existing ones, heal and buy a shield and armor. Each weapon has its own characteristics, each new level of perfection in it opens up new possibilities. In particular, some weapons get magical abilities.
It is interesting that the characters are very different among themselves, with their different levels and types of weapons, as each of them fights with different kinds of monsters. In this vampire has a greater propensity for magic and firearms. It is also a vampire has special features that can be used during the game. In addition to arms from time to time be monsters fall out various bonuses such as extra lives, increased impact, acceleration, and so on. Despite the fact that the game has a primitive story and not a particularly powerful graphics, it easily captures and lets you enjoy a few hours.

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