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Run Like Hell 1.0 [apk]

The game Run Like Hell! have to constantly run away from the hungry savages, overcoming various obstacles and collecting coins. Run, jump and slide, confusion in a few seconds, turn you into a dinner for the savages. The locals are restless and you will always catch up. You have to run across hot sand beaches, mysterious jungle trails or ancient ruins. Graphics in the game for a solid four, the area traced well, but every movement of the hero got realistic. The game has several modes: normal race, race for time and history, in addition, there are additional layers that can be opened by collecting enough coins.
Management of Run Like Hell for the Android simple and consists of three buttons: jump, glide and speed. Note that in each location constraints are generated randomly. Along the entire route will be encountered various obstacles - from small bumps to severe wall. If you stumble or delay, then the local savages quickly overtaken you, and bound, will be at stake. So you will save only the reaction and good coordination. However, apart from the obstacles in your path will be encountered, and other troubles: such as hives of wild bees, which should not be touched, or angry bees slow down your pace. Also come across a trap that suddenly dumped on your way stone.
The game would be too complicated and boring, if it were not for bonuses! On your way there will be always different bonuses, most of which slows down or drops of your pursuers. But there is a special bonus, which flaunts the letter "A". This bonus adds you adrenaline, which enables you to dramatically accelerate and break away from his pursuers. By the way, to accelerate the need to click on the arrow to the left of the screen and hold until you need the acceleration. Note that it is limited, and its stock can be seen on the scale next to the button. You can also make big jumps and long glide, this simply hold down the button. We have carefully tested the Run Like Hell! for Samsung Galaxy S and Sony Xperia PLAY . This application can easily replace any game for "killing" time, and you will hardly get bored. Pass routes, and earn additional coins earn to unlock new locations and get even more fun.

Download Run Like Hell! 1.0