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Real Steel HD 1.1.8 [apk]

Real Steel HD is based upon the same movie, which focuses on the not so distant future, which was completely banned boxing, as a particularly brutal sport. He came to replace the more violent entertainment - fights between robots, in which there are no rules, and the loser goes to the dump. The game has good graphics and good sound effects. But the administration was somewhat ill-conditioned, it is felt especially in the early game, when the smooching in the buttons and receptions. It is also not enough initial training, all the wisdom of this game will have to master during the fighting.
In Real Steel has two game modes: Tournament and a quick fight. In the event you have to choose a robot and win all the battles robots with 8 contestants, and each subsequent growing stronger, smarter and harder. In free mode you can select the robot and its opponent and to fight. Note that every robot has its own unique attacks, performance and appearance. In addition, the tournament mode, after each successful conduct of the event, you can improve your robot to fight the next opponent.
Control of the game via the virtual buttons and joystick. In general, the joystick is involved is very small, but the buttons have to stick with great speed and in the correct sequence. Altogether there are four buttons: a right-and left-hand block and a special kick. In addition, you will learn and use shortcut keys for special attacks and blocks. For example, when pressing down on the joysticks and buttons punch inflicts a crushing robot ular in the case. That would probably win in a fight you will quickly learn to do a series of strikes, blocks and go in to apply sharp blows in the most unexpected moment. Note that in the game as a finishing moves, which each robot's special, it is available, when your opponent is little life in this moment of impact of a special button is replaced by the finishing moves. By the way, the final finishing strokes look very colorful.

Despite the fact that the game is a fighting game dynamics are not many, but have to press the button very quickly. In general, the game looks beautiful and interesting, but long to play it is unlikely to succeed, but to "kill" another hour in the classroom is quite possible. After a workout, you can show a very interesting combination, which together with graphics and well designed models look amazing.

Download "Real Steel HD"

 Download APK  realsteel_1.0.18.apk
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Acer Liquid Mini 2.2
HTC Incredible S 2.3
HTC Wildfire S 2.3
LG GT540 Optimus 2.1
LG LG P690 Optimus Link 2.3
Samsung Galaxy Tab 16Gb 2.2
Samsung GT-S5660 Galaxy Gio 2.2, 2.3
Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II 2.3
Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit 2.3
Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace 2.2, 2.3
Sony Ericsson Xperia ray 2.3
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 2.3
Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 2.1, 2.3
МТС 916
LG P350 Optimus Me