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Assassins Creed: brotherhood [apk]

Assassins Creed: brotherhoodAssassins Creed: brotherhood

The third game in the popular series Assassin''s Creed.Become a legendary assassin Ezio, to continue the battleagainst the powerful Knights TemplarAt this time, to hit the enemy in the heart, he must go to the greatest city in Italy - Rome, at the center of power, greed and wickedness. To defeat the corrupt tyrants entrenched in it, will require not only strength but also the ability to lead others along. After all, now under the command of Ezio risen all the Brotherhood. Only by working together, Assassins can defeat their mortal enemies. For the first time in the history of the series in the game put the multiplayer mode. It allows you to choose one of the uniquecharacters, each of whom owns his special weapons andtechniques of assassinationand fight with other playersaround the world. It's time to join the Brotherhood!
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