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Ruffled: Feathers Rising [apk]

Free flight as a whole 3D city! And very cool, you should zakakivat people!

Play a game where you can take a crap on the people with impunity, not to mention fun!

Impressive story about the loss of home and freedom, human aggression, eye birds, which take-all.
Flying through the sky the whole city, in a constant hunt for the next victim. Throughout the county settled suburbs, parks, recreation, bustling campuses, the noise of the big city, an industrial facility, bustling and vibrant high-rise buildings in the center, you have to play the role of birdies, a charged retaliation in an impressive urban environment, built in 3D.

Several osobennoystey game "disheveled" (in the future will be updated)
* Impressive world 3D,
* The freedom of action at every level,
* Smooth arcade management
* Multiple game modes: Throw bombeshku on unsuspecting people, focusing on the achievements and much more.

Caution - you will spool the 50 MB

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