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Contract Killer Zombies [apk]


You have already killed more criminals than in the state count. Now it's time to face the apocalypse and this beat the crap out of a little pan of zombies! Meet the new game CONTRACT KILLER ZOMBIES from the creators of Contract Killer. Today is no different from the rest. We were just lucky that this day has come. Horde appeared suddenly out of nowhere. Zombies! Walking pieces of rancid meat. I just kill them every day. And I'm not a hero, I'm just trying to survive. People call me Ranger. I'm not surprised, because killing zombies is what I'm good. No, even so: killing zombies is the only thing I'm good. Damn good. Save the remnants of humanity, hitting the city, struck by the zombie virus. Stock up on supplies, find the civilians and bring them to a safe place, destroying every zombie in your path! Take the most exciting pastime in our day - brain ZOMBIE, embarked on your journey! Help the civilians and Evelyn (Evelyn) in search of resources and implementation of special missions. Create an arsenal of the incredible weapon for destruction of zombies and various bleed sniper and assault rifles, as well as missile launchers! Aim carefully! If you can get different bonuses for apt Headshots and mass murder?
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