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Guerrilla Bob [apk]

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   Hit shooter platform iOS now available on your device, Android!
The game Guerrilla Bob you will find:

* - Stunning visual effects
* - A cross-platformlenny multiplayer
* - An arsenal of weapons-Naderizadnitsu
* - A set of unique enemies and exploding ammunition
* - Uncontrolled non-stop humorAwards and ratings
* - "IPad game of the week" - January 2011, iTunes
* - Finalist of the International Festival "Games Mobile Awards 2010"
* - "Top 10 most anticipated games for the iPhone in 2010 - that's all we've been waiting in the twin-stick-shooters: intensity, raznooobrazie and awards. Guerrilla Bob, finally, provides us with all these elements in one game, then in other products of the genre nebylo so far "- PocketGamer
* - "John Rambo - nothing compared with Partizan Bob" - GameTrailers.
* - "More gunfire and explosive than in the film trilogy of Michael Bay" - Cinema Blend
* - "Design phenomenal, I said, 'Wow! This is something new! "- TouchArcadeNaderi-ass-arsenal: Bob can take money from enemies and spend them in the store, where the currency can unlock a huge amount of weapons, each with its own improvements:

* - Automatic
* - Bombs with timer
* - Molotov Cocktails
* - Scattergun
* - Dual Uzi
* - Flamethrower
* - Flare
* - Grenade
* - Bow
* - 6-barrel gunSwift Action from the hordes of deadly enemies: Meet face to face with a terrifying army, which owns the weapon for every taste! Not everyone can handle it ...Secret areas and bonus: Passage offers the player different options to choose the direction, as well as the discovery of secret locations secret and better bonus items!Epic boss battles: Go to the next level is protected by a boss with an exclusive powerful weapons and tactics.A variety of modes of gameplay: Immerse yourself in history, where partisan fights Bob hazardous canyons, deserts, cities and horrible. Story mode is divided into "Arcade", where Bob is fighting for glory, and "Mercenary", where the award Bob listened to the coin. In addition, you can participate in classic mode "Survival" where countless enemies attacking from all directions of Bob and go nowhere! In the "Attacking waves," Are you struggling with alternating attacks groups of enemies and have access to the store to buy a new arsenal. Extra-challenging modes for players who think that he - an expert!Original soundtrack and professional-voice:Immerse yourself in this humorous military shooter with an original soundtrack and a professional voice-overs scenario.

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